why donald trump wants to run for president

Why Donald Trump Wants to Run for President

Donald Trump’s candidature for the 2016 United States presidential election led to a wave of both enthusiasm and criticism. The Republican candidate has been under public scrutiny for his comments about immigration, trade relations and other controversial topics. But why does Donald Trump wants to run for president in the first place?


Donald Trump is famous for is business accomplishments, but running for president guarantees a much higher level of attention and notoriety. With a national audience keyed into every statement and policy position, Donald Trump has effectively created free advertisement for his businesses, projects and personal brand.

Political Power

Being the president of the United States is the highest public office achievable in the country; it is the ultimate display of power and influence. With the United States’ position as one of the world’s global superpowers, having a president who promotes one’s values and opinions has incredible clout both domestically and internationally.


Having an impeachable legacy that lives on after one’s death is a key motivating factor for Trump. The ability to have an inscription in history books is an aspirational feat that gives an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

Making a Change

Donald Trump has a strong connection to his country and its people. He aims to make a difference within the country and to use his influence to create a prosperous economy that could bring opportunities and prosperity to all Americans.


Running for president offers Trump a chance to feel esteemed by the nation and its citizens. A bid for the White House is the perfect showcase for his personal views and convictions to be presented before an entire country.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is a great example of ambition. Despite his controversial comments and unpredictable behaviour, he has managed to get the attention of millions of people and is aiming to become the new leader of the United States.

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