News Reporter Julie Donaldson Regularly Beaten By Husband

Boston Channel 7 news reporter Julie Donaldson, best known for her hot looks and Miss Florida stint recently testified against her husband Ivan Lattimore for regularly beating her.

On July 8th Julie Donaldson, the Miss Florida beauty queen standout and WHDH-TV sports reporter explained to the court how her husband forced her against a wall and pulled a full force punch to her face, injuring her last month. This is one incident in an alleged string of violent and physical spousal abuse, including punching, hair pulling and grabbing. Julie Donaldson said she often wore long sleeves to cover up her bruises and missed work on one occasion because the bruises on her face were noticeable under makeup.

Her soon to be divorced husband Ivan Lattimore is described as an arrogant man with a body builder look. He is a professional Slam Ball player (an off shoot from Basketball with trampolines) and was smugly dressed in a pink shirt with baggy jeans at the court date.

Ivan Lattimore is said to be a big partier and Julie Donaldson explained that on his 32nd birthday he bought the whole bar rounds of shots before the couple went back to their apartment with several friends and partiers from the club. When they got back it all erupted with Ivan Lattimore groping one of her female friends and pulling her hair when she rejected his advances. He then threw Julie Donaldson a good “five feet” in to the wall. She was then punched at least twice and bitten on the cheek in an animalistic frenzy. Luckily this time police turned up.

Desperate and deluded Ivan Lattimore rang Julie Donaldson almost 50 times, confused as to why he was arrested and pleading with her to tell them they were fooling around.

The case will continue over the next few days, despite the blinding evidence.

I wander why this reminds me of the last sequence from the movie Shaft where as that girl wearing dark shades comes to the police station asking to speak with John Shaft and nobody else. John (played by phenomenal Samuel L. Jackson) is leaving the police force so he asks the girl to talk to some other detective. She repeatedly asks that she needs him, John Shaft to take care of it, but he remains adamant. Until the moment when she gives up, takes a seat and takes off her sunglasses revealing heavily bruised face. John shaft comes to her, hands her a piece of paper and a pen and tells her to give him that mother-fucker’s name and address. Looks like Julie Donaldson needs John Shaft to take care of Ivan Lattimore.

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