Kellyanne Conway and her children. Know about her family life.

Kellyanne Conway with her husband George T. Conway and children,

The Republican Presidential election campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is a mother of four children. Her family with George T. Conway III currently lives in Alpine, New Jersey.

After breaking up with the US Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, Conway started dating the New York-based lawyer, George T. Conway III. Subsequently, the couple got married in 2001 i.e. when Kellyanne was 34 years old.

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The children’s squad in the family consists of three daughters and a son. Among them, the beautiful and cute siblings George and Claudia are twins to each other. Although they are of opposite sex, they look identical. Look at this photo:

Reportedly, Kellyanne’s family likes to follow baseball. In April 2015, her whole family was seen in the Major League Baseball stadium of Phillies. The children wore the Phillis’ Jersey and looked excited.

Although Kellyanne has been a very busy woman throughout the election season, she has somehow managed to catch up with children. This ability perhaps comes from her early life experience with her four mothers – a biological mom, a grandma and two aunts. Kellyanne herself was raised up by a single mother in a Catholic family.

Besides, Kellyanne also seems to be trying to put some social sense into her children as well. On Memorial Day, Conway asked her 11-year-old daughter Claudia to wear a blue dress instead of a turquoise shirt.

While the Conway family has always been seen happy, they have gone through some rough times too. After Conway gave birth to her fourth child, a daughter, on 21st Jan 2015, the baby had to be kept in hospital’s supervision until the next five months for undisclosed reasons. However, the family is back to normal again.

  • Bonnie Logan

    I absolutely love Kellyanne! She’s one smart cookie! I would like to see her as our first woman president.

    • Margaret Dunlap

      Yes, she could start the Bowling Green Massacre Marathon as a way to raise money for her campaign and honor the great Americans who lost their lives on that terrible day in Ohio.

      • Bonnie Logan

        You mean like Obama started his campaign by visiting almost all of the 57 states?

        • Margaret Dunlap

          Try to keep up. Talking about former candidates and former incumbents is meaningless. Try to deal with reality, I know it must be very hard for you to actually live in the real world but you have to move on from the election. It is over. Talking about it now is just pathetic.

          • Bonnie Logan

            Oh, I’ve kept up and I’ve happily dealt with reality that we have a real president, now, instead of one who pretended to love the United States, but has more loyalty to the Islamic ones. He proved that over and over. However, you seem to have difficulty accepting that the election is over. Spare me your hypocritical thoughts of talking about former incumbents, as I’m sure as the day is long that you often referred to Bush when Obama was president. Saying you didn’t would be living in denial, which is what’s pathetic!

      • Bonnie Logan

        Like Hillary landed in Bosnia under sniper fire?

  • Ora Cobb Jr.

    Very beautiful family!!!! Husband is one lucky guy!!!

    • Nick Wilde

      indeed!!! Thank you