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Entering Mar-a-Lago was a bit disappointing. You see nothing, or very little. There were palm trees lined up like toothpicks, an empty tennis court, a lot of busy staff. It is impossible for journalists to deviate from the constrained path. And there were plenty of journalists on Tuesday, November 15, to see Donald Trump make his ‘big announcement’ by declaring he is running once again in the 2024 presidential election.

Therefore, it was impossible to get close to the heart of the former Florida President’s residence, where the FBI seized dozens of boxes of classified documents, in early August. But this choice of arrangement suggests a form of denial, classicism, the opposite of offense, the original element of Trumpism.

The ‘king of MAGA’, as he dubbed himself using the acronym for’ Make America Great Again’, took to the stage among the marble columns in the living room doused with gilding and absurd decorations, under a high ceiling illuminated by projectors and crystal chandeliers. . A dozen American flags stood behind his back. Mr. Trump is trying to recreate the chemistry of his original revival in 2015-2016: one man against the elite, carried away by a neglected and regrettable America.

There is little chemistry with this gathering of formally dressed high society supporters, a much more intense audience than at a rally. ‘America’s decline was forced upon us by Biden and the radical left madmen who run our Government straight to the ground,’ denounced Mr. Trump. Without direct reference to his rival candidates in the Republican Party, he warned that the restoration of American greatness cannot be entrusted to anyone. ‘This is not the job of politicians or conventional candidates. This is a task for the great movement,’ he said. Trump dan MAGA vs. party – can the past be the future? Even Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the new candidate, was not present.

Narcissistic idealization
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Speech for an hour Mr. Trump, the usual tried-and-tested blend of reading and improvisation behind another podium, confirmed Republican leaders ‘ fears. The ballots from the midterm elections are still not all counted, and the new majority in the house is not yet official, but the former president gave a hasty, careless performance, devoid of muscles and effort.

Like a singer revisiting his old hits because there was no alternative, Trump followed the exact outline of his speech during the campaign that had just finished: the same apocalyptic vision of America under Biden (‘open’ border with Mexico, economic decline, crime, etc.), the same narcissistic idealization of his own presidency, and the same anecdotes about Chinese President Xi Jinping or his South American counterparts. The only change is the absence of irregularities on imaginary electoral fraud, even if the former president once again asks for a count on the day of the vote, with paper ballots.

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writer : Hari Kurniawan ([email protected])

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