Donald Trump signals 2024 round as Democrats prepare to punish midterms

Donald Trump plans to ride the wave of Republican victory in next week’s midterm elections by announcing his candidacy for president, US media reported Friday, as Democrats prepare for a punishing night in even the most liberal corners of America.

The one-term president has hinted for nearly two years about a potential third tilt at the White House after losing to Joe Biden, but his aides reinforced plans for an announcement on Nov.14, according to Axios.

Donald Trump sent his clearest signal yet that he intends to announce his candidacy soon in 2024, as he addressed a rally Thursday in Iowa, the first state to hold a Republican nomination contest in a presidential election.

“To make our country successful, safe and prosperous, I will very, very, very likely do it again, okay? Very, very, very likely, ”Trump teased to a standing ovation at the event in Sioux City.

‘Get ready. That’s all I’m telling you. As soon as possible. Get ready. Get ready.’

Donald Trump’s remarks came with polls pointing to a re-emerging’ red wave ‘ that is likely to see the tycoon’s party dismantle a slim Democratic majority in the house and possibly retake the Senate.

Republicans believe they can overturn the one state they need for the upper house and expect gains in the House of representatives of 12 to 25 seats, easy enough to overcome the eight-member Democratic lead.

‘I have a plan’
The final weeks of the campaign have seen bullish Republicans even look outside the state swinging into Democratic strongholds that once looked out of reach.

Strategists from both sides see districts across New York, Oregon, and Connecticut that won Mr. Biden by double digits in 2020 back in play.

Hillary Clinton campaigned on Thursday in New York to boost Governor Kathy Hochul’s faltering fortune while former President Barack Obama spoke in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

With Democrats dragged down by Mr. Biden’s underwater approval ratings, especially on inflation, the president will pitch his party as an option for growth and innovation on a tour of San Diego communications firms Friday night.

Ahead of the visit, Biden praised the new figures for October that showed the economy added 261,000 jobs and unemployment was low.

‘I have a plan to lower costs, especially for health care, energy and other daily expenses… The Republican plan is very different, ‘ he said in a statement.

“They want to raise the cost of prescription drugs, health insurance costs, and energy costs, while giving more tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthy.”

‘Speculation and rumours’
In one glimmer of hope for Democrats, Oprah Winfrey endorsed Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman during Thursday’s virtual voting event.

It was an important insult from Mr. rival. Republican Fetterman, Mr. celebrity surgeon. Mehmet Oz, who became famous largely through appearances on the MS show. Winfrey.

But with Republicans confident of reversing Georgia and Nevada, the Keystone State may not even be needed for a Senate takeover.

Donald Trump had initially considered announcing before next Tuesday to be ahead of the Republican primaries.

But he was persuaded by a close ally of Ms. Kellyanne Conway that the move would leave her open to blame in the event of a bad night for Republicans.

The strategist, who ran Trump’s 2016 campaign and served as a key adviser in his administration, said on Thursday at a campaign event that he was expected to ‘announce soon’.

Donaldo Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich told AFP he was ‘not commenting on the never-ending media speculation and rumours’ about Trump’s return to the Oval Office.

‘As President Trump said, Americans should vote up and down for the Republican Party, and he will continue that message tomorrow night in Pennsylvania,’ he added.


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