Donald Trump Buys Ed McMahon’s House – Ed is Hereby Screwed!

Yes, it’s true… Ed McMahon was in deep shit, unable to pay for his house and Donald Trump came out of the blue and bought the house leaving Ed to live in it. How generous of Donald Trump, right? NOT! Fuck – Donald Trump doesn’t even fart for free. If Donald Trump spends a dollar on something, it’s because he knows he’s gonna get way more out of it. He’s no good samaritan who’s trying to help poor Ed McMahon out. That’s not who Donald Trump is. He’s got some side interests there and he’s gonna cash in on it. There must have been some hidden value in that whole transaction that everybody else failed to see and Donald Trump found it and grabbed at it. He’s a master of this kind of shit and mark my words – Ed McMahon is hereby royally screwed!

Let’s not kid ourselves. Donald Trump seriously doesn’t do nothing for free and doesn’t buy anything unless he’s guaranteed major return on investment. And look what happens. He’s seen as fucking hero by saving old man’s ass, and will be seen as such because the true colors won’t come out immediately. One way or another, he is definitely getting his money back with chunky profit. The guy is a genius. I don’t think Ed McMahon himself realizes what kind of poop he got himself into.

Anyway, 85 year old Ed McMahon was unable to pay for his house in Beverly Hills that he took a loan of $4.8 million for. He’s currently $640,000 behind with payments and the house was about to get foreclosed and old man kicked out. Donald Trump stepped in last minute, bought the house and let him continue using it. And what general response from public is? Everyone is impressed by Donald Trump’s generosity and his great spirit, good karma points and all that crap. Fuck me! Let’s not kid ourselves, Donald Trump is not being generous. He’s invested. He’s got his ass covered three times and someone’s gonna pay for it in the end. Donald Trump wins… Again!

Below is the picture of Ed McMahon’s house that Donald Trump “saved” form foreclosure:

Ed McMahon’s House in Beverly Hills

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