Kellyanne Conway Biography; President Donald Trump’s Counselor

Kellyanne Conway has known Donald Trump for more than a decade and previously workers with Republican law makers.

Kellyanne Conway , an Irish and Italian descent is one of the few women (apart from Hope Hicks)that stays around Donald Trump all day. Conway who is the Republican campaign manager, pollster and strategist recently became the campaign manager of Donald Trump from August 17, 2016.

Right now she works as the White House correspondent to the President Donald Trump.The President of the Polling Company and Woman Trend she is a regular political commenter on channels like CNN, Fox Business, Fox News.

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Early life and career

Kellyanne Conway who is the native of Hammonton, New Jersey was born on January 20, 1967, as Kellyanne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick. She graduated her high school from St. Joseph High School

A graduate of B.A. in Political Science from Trinity College Washington DC Kellyanne further went to get a degree in Law from the George Washington University. She also clerked for a judge in the Washington DC and spent four years at the George Washington University Law Center as an adjunct professor. She then shifted to the polling business; Wirthlin Group which is a GOP polling firm that worked for Ronald Reagan.

Kellyanne Conway is the Republican party Campaign manger for the nominee Donald Trump.
Kellyanne Conway is the Republican party Campaign manger for the nominee Donald Trump.

Further professional life

After working for Ronald Regan Conway for a while worked in the Luntz Research Companies. However, after that, she found her own polling company in 1995. The firm which was named as the Polling Company includes a special research and clouting division known as the WomanTrend that is created to connect better corporately with the female consumer of the United States of America.

In addition to that Conway has further featured in important polling sessions and their commentary on news channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and the Fox News Channel.

In August 2015 she was made the president of 2016 Presidential campaign of Ted Cruz which had a hedge fund of 11 million dollars. However, the campaign which was named as Ted Cruz Super PAC was renamed to Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC after Donald Trump won the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Famous personalities and her work for them

Conway has workers for many famous personalities in the history of America. She has worked for Congressman and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Senator Fred Thompson, former Vice President Dan Quayle, Congressman Jack Kemp, Speaker of the house Newt Gingrich. Working as the senior advisor for Newt Gingrich during his presidential election campaign Conway has garnered major appreciation around the political world of USA.

Kellyanne Conway has also written a book on What Women Really Want.She is married with four children.
Kellyanne Conway has also written a book on What Women Really Want.She is married with four children.

Association with Republican Party campaign

On July 1, 2016, Republican Party nominee for the US Elections; Donald Trump hired Kellyanne Conway for the post of the senior advisor for his election campaign. Conway’s work being to advise Donald Trump on how to attract female voters. Referring her as an expert on female voters and consumers Trump was so impressed by Conway and her work that in August 2016 he hired her as his campaign manager. Not just that she is also the first woman ever to run the presidential campaign for the Republican Party. In fact, it is considered Donald Trump won majorly because of Kellyanne Conway.

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During an interview with the Family Research council in 2012 Conway compared the Republican criticism of Todd Akin to the siege in 1993 of the cult leader David Koresh. Following this comment, one of the representatives of Akin commented that Conway’s views were stupid. In reply to that state Conway further added that she was not companying Akin to Koresh but comparing the tactics of FBI to force Koresh out similar like Republicans tactics to force Akin out of the presidential elections of 2012.

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Personal Life

Kellyanne Conway is married to a litigation partner of a law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen &Katz; George T. Conway III who is of Filipino descent. The couple has no rumors of extra affair or divorce between them and has four children together. Together they live in the New York City area. Her eldest daughter and son are named Claudia Conway and George Conway. She also has twins.

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Kellyanne Conway in White House

Kellyanne Conway was offered a job in the White House where she is appointed as the Counselor to the President.

She was a major part of the Trump inauguration and has been giving statements in the media adding up to her popularity being associated with Donald Trump.

Kellyanne wore this legendary dress in Trump's inauguration. This is trending in US right now.
Kellyanne wore this legendary dress in Trump’s inauguration. This is trending in US right now.