A Tsunami Of Crime Washes Over Post Coup Myanmar

A Tsunami Of Crime Washes Over Post Coup Myanmar

An Unexpected Consequence of the Coup in Myanmar

The February 2021 coup in Myanmar was a surprise to many. It was a shock to the citizens of the country and sent tremors across the world. The military takeover was unexpected and, unfortunately, has had a devastating effect on the country. One of the most unexpected and concerning trends has been the tsunami of crime that has been washing over the nation since the coup.

Rise in Crime

The coup has been followed by a rapid increase in crime and violence. Violent crime rates have skyrocketed across the country since the military takeover. Reports of looting, vandalism, and other criminal activities are on the rise. The most common types of crimes include robberies, burglaries, and assaults. In some parts of the country, there have been reports of more serious crimes such as murders and kidnappings.

Government Response

The government has responded to the rise in crime by increasing security measures. Police presence has been increased in major cities and towns across the country. The military has also been deployed in some areas to assist in the fight against crime. Despite these efforts, the security situation remains precarious.

Underlying Causes of Crime

The root cause of the rise in crime is the economic instability caused by the coup. The military takeover has caused a dramatic drop in foreign investment and a decrease in economic activity. This has resulted in high levels of unemployment, poverty, and despair among the population. This lack of economic opportunities has led to a surge in criminal activity as people struggle to survive and make ends meet.

Impact on Society

The rise in crime has had a profound impact on society. The increased levels of violence and insecurity have had a damaging effect on the social fabric of the nation. Citizens feel less safe and are hesitant to go out in public. Civilians are living in fear of crime and many have been the victim of criminal activities.

Impact on the Economy

The rise in crime has also had a negative impact on the economy. Businesses have been affected by the increased levels of insecurity and many have had to close down or move out of the country as a result. This has further exacerbated the economic crisis caused by the coup.

Finding Solutions

It is clear that the situation in Myanmar is dire and that action must be taken to address the underlying causes of crime. The government must address the economic crisis and provide economic opportunities to the population. This will help to reduce poverty and unemployment, which are the main causes of criminal activity. In addition, the government must ensure that the police and military are well equipped and trained to effectively combat crime.


The coup in Myanmar has had a number of unexpected consequences, with the rise in crime being one of the most concerning. The government must take immediate action to address the underlying causes of crime and to ensure that citizens feel safe in their own homes. Only then can the country begin to recover from the devastating effects of the coup.

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